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What is Villain Esteem?

Updated: Jul 5

What is Villain Esteem? Picture of a ball of consciousness

Villain Esteem strives to create a place where people can get information about mental health and counseling through helpful articles and podcasts. While also providing affordable courses on various mental health aspects like how technology affects mental health and thought-challenging skills, for people who can't afford to go through formal therapy or can't due to lack of resources like being rural or an inability to find a good therapist fit

We promote resilience and empowerment of individuals by creating a more inviting, relatable informational platform that increases accessibility for all people.  A place for the misunderstood. For the people who want to break societal standards and confront who they want to be, and discard what someone says they should be. For the people who can’t find what they need in the self-help sections. 

The name Villain Esteem comes from the idea of radical acceptance. We all have light and dark sides to us. A hero and also a villain. We are here to embrace all sides of ourselves to be the Roger Banister of Mental Health. Who doesn’t relate to the villain of the story every once in a while? There's a villain inside everyone. The choices you make determine who you become, not what you're capable of. Accepting your villain as part of your self-esteem, allows you to unlock a level self-insight that was previously locked for you. 

Villain Esteem is a forward-thinking company. Established in 2020 as a mental health service, Villain Esteem branched out and became a full-service business in January of 2022 when Michela came to us full-time as a Licensed Counselor, and Alyssa came to us full-time as a Certified Life Coach. Access Death's article about shopping for counselors here.

Since writing this article originally in August of 2020, we have expanded to offer Mental Health Subscription boxes, info-courses, and therapy worksheets. They're meant for the people who aren't ultra-girly and want the experience without ending up feeling like they walked through the cosmetic department, or smelling like peaches and roses. We offer trainings to businesses and schools, and have plans for continuing education courses for licensed professionals.

We actively engross ourselves in the community. We do our best to reach out to Congress when our voices are appropriate, as well as write for publications.

988 Essential to all article written by Alyssa Johnson

Letter to Congress written by Alyssa Johnson

Villain Esteem local paper clipping

VE local paper clipping - mental health

Villain Esteem Counselor/Life Coach Services, local paper clipping

We are unapologetically dark. It is common to find cursing in our blog posts and our resources. This is something we won't change. Most people in today's society curse, whether in public or not, it is a part of our culture. We are here to talk about the things no one wants to talk about. Say the things people are too afraid to speak up about. We have no intention of offending anyone as we are an inclusive company, however, we won't change who we are simply because someone "doesn't like it." We are choosing to use our freedom of speech in a way that helps people the best way we know how. I hope you can join us.

As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases at no extra cost to you. Funds go to furthering the reach of Mental Health.


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