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Mental Health

Abandoned Home

Are you depressed? 

meet the team

Michela "McDeath" Dalsing MS, lmhc, Ncc

Chief executive officer

Michela “McDeath” Dalsing has kind of always been a wild child. She has served in almost every treatment setting having worked in residential treatment with at-risk youth, inpatient services, community mental health, and currently corporate mental health. McDeath loves to meet people where they are at and try to understand the person as a whole. She is especially passionate about working with nerds that feel misunderstood by most people in their life.

Alyssa "Moist" Johnson

Chief financial officer 

Chief Innovative Officer

Alyssa “Moist” Johnson has always been the brains behind any operation. She has spent the majority of her life dedicated to building various businesses. Seriously, has built a business in almost every industry out there. With a background in Marketing and Small Business Development, Moist is an individual whose passion shines through in any endeavor she pursues. She is currently pursuing a Masters in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and plans to use that knowledge to destigmitize and educate about mental health in the workplace. 

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Dear McDeath

Michela "McDeath" Dalsing MS, LMHC, NCC, LCPC dives into the different aspects of Mental Health and answers questions readers have been dying to know. Please submit questions below, or on the Podcast.

Mental Health Demystified

Explore our blogs in verbal form. If you don't like to read, or it's a struggle, these Blogcasts were made for you. 

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