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4 Levels of Depression

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

If you missed the quiz and somehow found yourself here on the results page prematurely, Find out if you might be depressed here.

If you had mostly As:

You're here for a reason. You didn't take this test for nothing. Something about the possibility drew you in. So, either you completely lied to yourself, or you're in a funk but view yourself as mostly ok.

If you think it might have been that you lied to yourself, please sit in that. Sit with yourself and feel the things you need to feel, even if it isn't easy. If you were a map, would you know where you want to go? Would you know where you're at? Would you care? Dive deeper and try to figure out what's behind all of that. Find the cause, the root, the beginning. Then retake the quiz. Meet ya back here in a bit. ; - )

If you’ve sat in it and feel good about your answers, but something still feels off, it might be anxiety

If you had mostly Bs:

You might be in a funk,  a little off from your norm. You might not even be able to pinpoint what has you wondering if you're depressed. That's ok. Sometimes it takes time. I would encourage you to dig deeper into what you can identify. You can use any medium to process this that works for you. I personally like to journal in messy unforgiving handwriting, or art. You could also sing, hike, good 'ole fashioned brainstorming, whatever gets your goat as long as you sit in it.

Things to contemplate:

  1. Think about what feeling prompted you to click the start button.

  2. Have you been feeling down, hopeless, anxious, irritable, etc.?

  3. What caused that feeling? Now, why did that bother you?

  4. Would it normally have gotten to you like this?

  5. What is different about now vs when you wouldn't be phased? What has changed?

  6. What can you change?

  7. What can you let go of because it's out of your control?

  8. How can you adapt to what is out of your control?

  9. What coping techniques would help you out of this slump?

  10. Who is in your support system that might be able to help?

If you had mostly Cs:

You're starting to wade in the deepness of depression. You're showing more warning signs than not. Don't be surprised if people closest to you ask if you're ok. Doubly don't be surprised if people don't notice. If no one notices, take a deeper look at your vulnerability. Have you let anyone in enough to notice? Everyone has something going on for them, and it's not fair to expect people around you to magically read your mind and know there's something wrong. You can't expect a support system that doesn't know you need help. This isn't a trust fall exercise. Reach out to people in your life that you can trust to listen without judgement. Use up some of that good karma you've been building by helping people and get help in your time of need.

Depression Lies. It tells you that you're the only one going through this, and therefore there's something wrong with you. It convinces your mind of a burden that doesn't exist. It persuades you to give up before you've even started because you're bound to fail. You can tell it's a lie, because I've written it here. We've all been fed the same lie and isolation is what fuels depression. Finally let the people in who have been begging to be there for you. My sister has been begging to be a support I've desperately wanted, but it has taken vulnerability to allow her into that role. Is there anyone in your life that you've been pushing away?

Both Cs and Ds should react similarly to differing degrees that takes a personal touch unable to be replicated in a blog post. Please see below.

Warning Signs:

  • Persistent feeling of sadness

  • Loss of interest

  • Changes in sleep habits

  • Changes appetite

  • Guilt

  • Lower energy levels

  • Hopelessness

  • Lower concentration

  • Mood swings

  • Decreased libido

  • Decreased personal hygiene

  • General discontent

  • Slowness in activity

  • Repeated thoughts

  • Agitation

  • Suicidal ideation (thinking about suicide without a plan)

If you had mostly Ds:

Please also read "Mostly Cs" that's all applicable to you, too.

You're entering the high risk area. You aren't at the point where you can "snap out of it" on your own. I hate to break it to ya, but you need help. It's ok, though. Most people do at some point. Just because you need someone to guide you, and to have a bigger voice than the little voice inside your head, doesn't mean you will need to see someone forever. Therapy is more of a "until you're better" type deal.

Most people have also gone to to a therapist and not liked them, then refused to go to another one ever again. To those of you nodding internally; Have you ever gone to a grocery store and gotten a cashier you didn't like? Did that stop you from shopping at all grocery stores ever for the rest of your life? Ok, maybe try the counseling thing again and shop around this time. What's the worst that could happen? You're at the bottom, the only way is up.

"What happens if I don't go to therapy?" ~Why thank you for asking! ; - ) Unfortunately, this is a mental health blog, not a fortune telling blog, so the best I can do, is educate you on the risks.

54% of people who die by suicide do not have a known mental health condition, according to research by the CDC.

So, now that you have numbers in your face that take away the ability to say that it's different for you and you don't need to see a someone, please at least consider some other resources listed below if therapy is out of the question.

Disclaimer: This resource is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for a healthcare professional’s independent judgment. Always follow the healthcare advice of your doctor. Do not change the way you take your medication without talking with your doctor.


TextTALK (741-741) to text with a trained crisis counselor from the Crisis Text Line for free, 24/7


Send a text to 838255



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