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Mental Health Demystified

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Mental Health Quizzes are Rare

Fun ones are a gold mine. we hope to fight the negative stigma by making quizzes fun, and relatable. 

 check back often, we plan to release many more!

Thinking Man

Are You Depressed?

Sometimes, we can convince ourselves it isn't as bad as it is. This is something I have noticed the last couple years. I have been chronically depressed my entire life, and have even developed coping mechanisms to bring myself back out of depression and only realizing that with some insight and hindsight 20/20.


If you find yourself unsure, it can't hurt to take this 3 minute, 10 question quiz to find out.

Black and White Portrait

Do you Have ADHD?

Have you been relating to things you've seen on social media about ADHD and wondered if you have it too? Take the quiz to find out

Written by a Licensed Mental Health Counselor - not intended as a substitute for diagnosis

Girl Lying on Dry Ground

Are You
Socially Anxious?

Social anxiety isn't usually a mental disorder you just realize you have. Of course, formal diagnosis requires individual care, but if you've heard about it and wondered and had no idea where to start: Here's your "Start" button. 

Read more about what Nimh has to say about Social Anxiety

Watch Close-up

Are you a procrastinator?

Struggling to get your shit done on time? Worried about organization and timeliness? you might be a procrastinator. Find out more

Designed by a Certified Strategic Life Coach

Suicide Risk Assessment

Suicide is almost always planned out over a period of time. It’s rarely spontaneous, even if it looks that way and they concealed their pain effectively.

No jokes here. This quiz is to help you see where you (or a loved one) falls on the risk scale for suicidal thoughts. 

Couple's Portrait

Could it be Narcissistic Abuse?

Do you worry about NPD? Take a low-pressure quiz to learn more about the situation.

Designed by a Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Green Leaf Close Up

Do You Need Counseling?

Counseling has a negative stigma around it. It's difficult to ask your friends and family if you need counseling because their answers will be dictated on their view of mental health. 

Get an unbiased opinion from a Licensed Mental Health Counselor about how you may be a candidate for 


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