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Coping doesn't have to be a drag. I have found my best coping skills are those that I have successfully made into a game. *We are happy to do another round of bingo with new coping skills. Leave a comment with any suggestions you have!


Don't cheat. You get nothing at the end if you cheat.


There's no reward other than taking care of yourself, so you might as well do it right. You paid the money to get the shit to help you work on yourself. It would be silly to not actually do the things.


Do the things with all the intention that it will make you feel better, then write on the back of this sheet how you felt.

Writing it down is important because it will allow you to go back and reference what worked and what didn't. It will give you insight into yourself later, you normally would miss out on.


*Don't forget to join the online community. While it is new and building, it is still a good place to connect with like minded people. Bonus, while it is small, I will have more time to interact individually, so take advantage of that now!


*If you have a subscription, please use the code found in your email for a 100% digital discount as this resource is included in your SubBox. 

Coping Skills Bingo Resource

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