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Finding a counselor or therapist that is right for you, goes beyond whether or not they accept your insurance. Working through these questions will help you determine who you will feel safest talking to when choosing a counselor.


How do people really know when they need therapy? It requires one part insight and one part desperation. The difference between you and the person who won’t consider counseling, is your Superpower: Awareness. Most of the time when people go see a therapist, they realize that they have been handling issues poorly for quite some time and are desperate for things to change and heal. It doesn’t always require an emotional emergency. Counseling can become a lifeline for people who feel at a loss to conquer whatever they’re struggling with. One of the things that makes it difficult when people enter counseling from this space, is that people feel defeated and a certain amount of powerlessness to their mental health concerns.


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Considering a Counselor Worksheet

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